Who am I?

My name is Michelle van Mulken, daughter of Tjeu and Hilde, with a twin sister called Janine and a younger, yet very tall sister called Sharon. We grew up in a very small village called Urmond, located in Limburg, in the Southern-East pocket of the Netherlands. I currently live in Hasselt with my belgium partner Piet and my plus sun (as they call it here) Lou. We are expecting a baby boy to arrive on this earth and into our arms at the end of July. Really looking forward to that!!

I love a lot of things, but these are my top 8….I was going for a top 5, but couldn’t choose, I’m an “and” person not an “or” haha:

  1. I love adventure!! I love exploring new parts of nature, hiking for multiple days, camping in a tent in the middle of nowhere, exploring new cultures, new perspectives on life. I also really love people, especially how we are when we are in nature.
  2. I love all outdoor activities: trail running, swimming, cyclings, outdoor crossfit workouts
  3. I love handcrafted things, especially made from dead wood.
  4. I love nearly all fantasy books, with Terry Goodkind as one of my favourite writers and also love the Anastasia series, as the story about her makes me believe we truly have these magical powers, but have lost them in our disconnection with nature. Regaining them starts with reconnecting with nature. Body radar, instinct, reading people, sensing subtle energy are skills that have come to me so far. I’m excited where this path will take me personally as well.
  5. I love learning new things: currently on my to do list are lomi lomi massage course, woodcrafting, bushcrafting skills, intuitive painting, etc.
  6. I love retreats and spas and massages and love to give this to others!
  7. I like deep and meaningful conversations, even though I do get carried
    away sometimes and it turns into a monologue, haha.
  8. I am food obsessed, honestly, even though I feel there is an abundance of food available. Thank god I love exercise and have a good metabolism. I love food shopping, yet I shop like a french woman or so I have been told. I do it slowly and pick my produce with care, so most people (i.e. my partner) hate to accompany me unless the store serves free coffee, haha

I have asked my friends and family how they would describe me and for which things would they come to me. This is what they answered in summary:

  1. Fierce, Strong, determined, gets things done
  2. Trustworthy, honest, loyal friend
  3. Big smile, contagious positive energy, fun to be around, very enthusiastic and laugh a lot

A few quotes from friends I’d like to share:

“Just by spending time with you, you help me become aware and enjoy all the beautiful things in life, big and small, in nature and within myself.”

“I come to you for fun, for exercise and techniques on handling stress and helping me to reconnect with myself and with nature. You will be a wonderful catalyst and motivator for life changes for so many people.”

“You’re the first person that comes to mind when I need support, advice or in need of some adventure!! haha”

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