There are many definitions of nature coaching, many nature coaches have a completely different style of practice. I personally think this is because there are 2 main components to this practice: 1) how you incorporate the coaching aspect, and 2) how you incorporate nature.

1. I chose the Consciousness CoachingĀ® Training by Creative Consciousness InternationalĀ®, because: 1) Their mission resonated deeply with my own coaching related mission “to support individuals and organizations in finding their own true purpose and unleashing their unique greatness“; 2) the used methodology is the result of over 25 years of work and research in the areas of psychology, ontology, phenomenology, brain science, coaching, and communication, and going much deeper than conventional coaching programs, especially the way we work with and view “negative” emotions (i.e., beautiful opportunities), 3) the training program is accredited by the International Coach Federation as the highest level of coach training, and 4) they offered the training program in English, which was perfect for me as I wanted to coach both in Dutch and English. Also, I have always found the English vocabulary to be so much richer, so much more expressive when in comes to expressings thoughts, mental states and emotions. I understood this at an early age, which is why from the age of 14 onwards, I journaled in English.

2. I incorporate nature in my coaching practices as a close partner and all-knowing ally. Many nature coaches just coach in nature, with nature being nothing more than a nice relaxing background, rather than a fully acknowledged partner. My practice is vastly different from that approach. Nature is constantly participating in the process and I am always left in awe how nature assists, including wildlife and animals we perceive as “pets”. I can’t count the times a bird, squirrel, cat or “stray” dog played a significant role in the healing process for one of my coachees. Considering my highly academic/scientific background and wishing to further cultivate my own intuition, I chose a nature coaching training program that incorporates tapping into your own intuition, inner wisdom and spiritual guidance, rather than following a step by step rational approach. This is why I chose Shizendo for my nature coaching training.

These two training programs have formed the basis of my own practice. To this, I have added my own experiences, knowledge and flavour: my research background in behaviour change, public health and women’s wellbeing; my experience as a outdoor travel guide on active holiday camps; my wisdom gained during my own personal life; the wisdom drawn from studying Buddhism taught by monks and nuns while working as a live-in volunteer at a Buddhist Institute in Australia (Chenrezig); my own free and playful spirit, and much more. Click on the hyperlinks if you like to know more about my personal story or professional background.