Giving back is very important to me. Nature bestows so many gifts upon us, every time we visit her. She helps us to relax and see more beauty in life and in ourselves, she heals us physically, mentally and emotionally and for me spiritually as well. She has awakened me in so many different ways and has shown me my path and ways to tap into my own inner wisdom.

This is why I like to give back to local organisations who are committed to caring for the more than human world and/or help people connect with nature and help them see the true value and wisdom nature holds.

I donate 10% from my income generated from nature based activities (e.g., nature coaching and forest therapy walks) in Belgium to Natuurpunt, and in the Netherlands to Natuurwijs.

I love Natuurpunt as they don’t only protect 25.000 hectare of Flemish nature in 500 different areas, they also organise many nature activities for all ages and develop facilities that have the potential to improve nature connection.

I have chosen Natuurwijs as I strongly believe nature education is missing or insufficiently present in our Dutch education system, while we can learn so much from nature. I believe the development of true wisdom starts in nature. I think this is also why Albert Einstein said the following: