When I was 8 years old, I loved to climb trees, play in the forest strip behind our house, especially because my parents didn’t like us playing there and I loved to build my own home in nature. After many failed attempts to build a tree house I decided to simply build a tent in my grandmother’s backyard. Her yard was connected to ours, so we saw it as an extension of our own garden. I threw a large white sheet over the lowest washing line and put bricks I found near my dad’s shed on the ends of the sheet. I would then throw in a few large towels and pillows serving as bed, blankets and couch, followed by a little table and 2 chairs that we used for tea parties. I would then pick some of my beloved daisies and put them in a glass of water to set on the table, get a few boxes  of raisins and filled a large bottle with water. Then I would lie down on my bed, feeling like the luckiest girl in the world, feeling wild, free and independent, knowing I would never need more in life than this!

…..as I grew up, my life became more complex, most of time due to my own decisions, which took me to many dysfunctional relationships and a working life that took me to the brink of a burn-out. In this state of complete exhaustion, nature called to me. Nature gave me my wake-up call, and naturally became my guru. Nature based practices have shown me how to tap into my inner wisdom how to simplify life and focus on what’s really important and on the people who give energy rather than drain me. Nature brought me back to the real me, a woman who understands now more than ever that I and my children need nothing more than what I needed when I was 8: nature, food, a roof over our head and love. Doing what I love doing has become my path. Guiding others to connect more deeply with nature to connect with their pure self and inner wisdom has become my calling.