Nature Retreats

Do you feel overwhelmed, nearly burned out or mentally and emotionally exhausted? Are you trying to keep all the balls in the air, trying to fulfill all the demands you get on a daily basis at work, from your partner, your children, while mostly feeling there is nothing left to give and all there is left is frustration, disappointment and sadness? Although you used to be a social butterfly, are invites to meet-ups or social events from friends all of a sudden feeling like “another message I have to reply to or another obligation I have to fit into my overflowing calendar!”? Have you stopped looking after yourself, because you’ve been looking after others too much? We all wish to do what is best for us, but many struggle with the how, wonder whether doing what is best for them will also be best for their loved ones, or have no clear idea of what they want.

This is what I wish to offer you during a 3-day workshop:  time to ground yourself, to recharge your battery, to find out what is sucking all the energy from you (leaving you empty to enjoy the good stuff) and what is providing you with energy and how you can implement that into your daily life. It’s a process of figuring out who you are, how you can use nature on a daily basis to recharge and nourish yourself and to spark your creative energy to more and more create the life you want to live not the life you “have to” live. What would make your heart feel overwhelmed with joy just picturing it? You have the creative power of the universe within you, it’s just a matter of getting connected to it. I will help you with just that. This workshop represents a 3-day journey through nature towards your heart and power and to a life that currently only exists in your dreams….

What to expect from this 3-day workshop?

By the end of the 3-day workshop, you will have experienced:

  • How nature on a daily basis can ground you, to find peace and to connect with yourself;
  • The importance of living in the here and now and how to achieve this;
  • How slowing down can actually lead to creating more;
  • What is stopping you from living the life you want to live;
  • What needs to be eliminated, reduced or changed to feel full rather than empty at the end of each day;
  • How nature-based practices can facilitate deep healing;
  • How to become complete with your fears and painful memories, so they no longer run the show;
  • Who you are, what your (hidden) powers are and where you derive energy from;
  • How to transform your anger into creative energy;
  • The importance of living out of your comfort zone and how to achieve and integrate this into your daily life; and
  • More!!

Is this 3-day retreat for me?

This workshop is for everyone who has decided that it’s time to step out of the comfort zone, to no longer be a victim but to take responsibility for their healing and to take action in order to realise their dreams: a life filled with great joy, gratitude, meaning and fulfilment.

When is the next retreat?

Due to Covid-19 the retreats “Restoring and Healing through Nature” have been put on hold. I am expecting to organise this retreat again in Autumn. Contact me to register your interest in this retreat or would like more information. I will then inform you as soon as dates are set.

What are the costs and what is included?

The total cost for this 3-day retreat is €390 pp. In addition to the whole program, it also includes the following:

  • A personal coaching session prior to the weekend in order to get clarity on your personal goals that you wish to achieve during the 3-day retreat.
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and throughout the day: tea, coffee, healthy snacks and fruit.
  • A personal coaching session after the 3-day workshop as a follow up, to check how you are going and to coach you through obstacles that you may experience during that time.

Accommodation needs to be booked separately (both camping and other types of lodging are available)