Nature Coaching

Nature is a powerful medicine! She can show you who you are, how to get unstuck, how to break through repetitive patterns of bad relationships, how to recharge your energy levels, help you in making a decision, and so much more. While we are in nature, my role as a nature coach is to guide you in this process while being and coaching in close partnership with nature.  Click here for more information about my way of coaching.

Because I find aftercare very important, a 20 min follow-up skype or zoom session is included in the price.

Click here to contact me to book in a free half an hour session to establish whether my coaching style is right for you and what you wish to work if you choose me as your coach.

Price: €75 per hour


Forest Therapy Walks

Simply being present in the natural world with all our senses fully alive can also awaken in us our relatively unused but deep and profound connection with all living things. This can have a remarkable healing effect physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually!

Click here to read more about this practice.

Duration: 2-3 hours

Price for group walks (minimum of 5 people): €25-€35

Price for individual walks: €75 for 2 hours and €95 for 3 hours.

Click here to contact me for more information.


Tailored Nature Therapy Workshops and Nature Retreats

New springtime workshops and retreats are coming up and will soon be posted here!